Hello! Welcome to my blog!

If you want to contact me for any reason, please mail to everybibi@gmail.com. The menu is easy, just click the link to the Page you want to go.

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This is the official homepage of Pixel Palace. 

I hope you have a lot of fun visiting our webpages. I have to keep up with a lot of them, so I will always do my best to help you out if you have questions or need help. EVERYTHING IN PIXEL PALACE IS FREE!


  So, you can call me Pixie. I'm currently 16 years old living in Holland and a very big fan of cute pixel graphics, that's why I made this blog/website. I love playing the violin and I'm gaming on the computer pretty much every day. I play a lot of Sims 3/4, and sometimes Battlefield. 
I absolutely love keeping this blog, but most of the blogs I've made, have turned out to make me quit because either I "forget" them or I'm just not interested anymore. Hence my template looks a bit unprofessional. Don't worry, I'll make it look cleaner and simpler, more kawaii with more colours when I have a feeling like this blog will be something steady :). 


If you have any questions, please email me, CLICK HERE

If you wish to visit our Gaming World (this is an actual game, called MyFirstWorld) CLICK HERE. << PLEASE visit the Help / FAQ / About Page to learn more about the Gaming World!! You can find that page in the menu or just CLICK HERE.

 Most of my graphics are from Violablu, I love her! CLICK HERE to visit her. She absolutely helped me a lot with making my website.

 So, thank you a lot for reading. Hopefully you'll visit more than once & I know blogs like these take time to get discovered, but I have all the time I need since it's Christmas Break right now, so I can put more effort in here. 

XO Pixie ♥ 12/26/2016


List of things you can get in Pixel Palace, FOR FREE. 

Cursors/Effects: kawaii/cute theme/style. An example of an effect is glitter trail, the one on this website. Move your cursor around and see!

Falling Objects: the title of it says it all. In a lot of themes. They are small, so it isn't annoying to see. It's for your website, a html code to be exact.

Backgrounds/Scenes: always PIXEL style! ♥ Themed in any way you can imagine. Here's an example.

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